Anonymous asked:
hey bambi, can i ask why you think that it was wrong to use q***r as an umbrella term?

I don’t think. it IS wrong. it’s a slur. you for instance, you can’t and don’t go around calling all women loving women dykes without their consent. same for q***r.

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theshadybisexual replied to your post:

this is literally me right now. I used to identify as such and I wrongly used it as umbrella term too. But now it makes me so uncomfortable (possibly because only a couple of weeks ago straight people at my work were using it to be homophobic ugh)

yeah. something triggered this aversion. honestly? i think it was tumblr. it’s everywhere on here, and I was slipping back into a headspace of internalized lesbophobia and i just couldn’t deal. the more people called me q***r, the more I felt like lesbian was a bad word again

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lesbian changes her mind about a slur!!! wow so hypocritical that maybe the constant use of it wore her down!! BUT SHE USED TO LIKE IT HOW DARE SHE CHANGE HER MIND AND DECIDE SHE DOESNT WANT TO USE IT ANYMORE

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ok a few things

i used to identify as q***r yes
i used to wrongly use q***r as an umbrella term yes
i used to like the word

now I don’t. now I don’t want to use it. for anyone (unless that’s literally their identifier in which case i will make an exception)

this is for me PERsonally. maybe i will change my mind but for the time being i have a feeling of aversion for the term for MYSELF

therefore I don’t want to type it unless I have to. this is a personal choice. will i type it out for you if that’s your identity? yes absolutely

but sitting there acting like i’m a hypocrite for changing my mind on something which may or may not remain permanent is annoying. you don’t know me

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Anonymous asked:
so is that a similar form of lgbt+ but without gay or trans*? just wondering :)

it’s meant for mogii women only. obviously meaning all women

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Sophie couldn’t help it.

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Anonymous asked:
what do mogii and lbpq+ mean? are those new terms or am I just really out of the loop

marginalized orientations genders identities and intersex & lesbian bisexual pansexual q***r

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frustrated and annoyed

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omg i haven’t been on the internet all day i feel overwhelmed

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